The Best Marijuana Stand-Up Comedy Skit Ever!

Here’s A Marijuana Movie list in no Particular order, Feel free to copy and re-post this List! The Union: American.Drug.War.The.Last.White.Hope: Magic Weed: Grass: The History Of Marijuana: The Marijuana Conspiracy: National Geographic – Marijuana Nation: Marijuana: It’s Time For A Conversation: Marijuana Inc. : Grandpa’s Marijuana Handbook: The Truth About Medical Marijuana: Montel Williams show – Marijuana: Super High Me : In Pot We Trust: Cannabis The Evil Weed: History Channel (Hooked) – Marijuana: RUN FROM THE CURE: Should i smoke Dope: Hemp Revolution: Marijuana Nation: The Cannabis Years: Stoned in Suburbia: The Prison Industrial Complex : Waiting To Inhale: AKA Tommy Chong : Prince of Pot: Penn and Tellers Bullshit of the War on Drugs: Marijuana Economics: The Emperor of Hemp: ………….. hosser420 HOSSERLEGALIZE420MARIJUANA CANNABIS MARIHUANA MEDICAL LEGALIZE WEED 420 OBAMA RON PAUL JACKSON BONG RIP JOINT KUSH DRUGS SEEDS WAR NWO NEWS VAPORIZER BOWL HASHISH BLUNTS H1N1 Flu HASH GANJA HEMP SEX LIBERTARIAN RAGE swine LEGALIZATION POT
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25 Responses to “The Best Marijuana Stand-Up Comedy Skit Ever!”

  • Darkspirith:

    @b4ckman You are the reason why I have no faith in humanity. “Marijuana causes brain damage” Really? I think the lack of THC in your system caused you to get brain damage dude.

  • MagicRoss7:

    @lilsm555 indeed.

  • Yarggify:

    @b4ckman heroin isn’t natural you twat…

  • Yarggify:

    @b4ckman k i actually asked my neurologist by emailing him. guess what he said. No brain damage fucktard.

  • lilsm555:

    @MagicRoss7 moron.

  • MagicRoss7:

    disagree sorry…. i do hope it wont control you… sigh

  • francisandjohn:

    MARIJUANA LOVERS – We invite you to listen – 949-963-3422
    MARIJUANA LOVERS – We invite you to listen – 949-963-3422
    MARIJUANA LOVERS – We invite you to listen – 949-963-3422

  • dilliedawg:

    @b4ckman Please tell me about this serious brain damage or even better tell me what intelligent being told you of this? Was it the same dumbass that got you spooked about the deadly cyanide in an almond? I will gladly ask any other neurologist than my uncle to tell you why your wrong


    @b4ckman Those kill people… And heroine isn’t natural.. the poppy seeds are but you have to combine it with other substances making it a “drug”. Marijuana is a natural plant that can provide our contry with so many benefits such as HEMP. Go watch “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” and educate yourselves so your not as blind as the rest of this world.

  • ZelatorUK:

    WTF?!?! 04:48 OMG I had the same experience he describes, 7 balls of light and abducted by a “UFO”, I figured out later it was my Chakras and Astral body, but wtf an Enlightened comedian!!!! Thank you God!!!!

  • Essentialism155:

    @b4ckman All drugs should be legal and taxed. Solves the ‘deficit problem’. I mean, I don’t do heroin. I don’t go find it illegally, the same way I wouldn’t buy it if it were available at the corner store. -Shrug.

  • laarana:

    @b4ckman Brain damage???? Serious brain damage??? You are very misinformed.

  • b4ckman:

    @dilliedawg No, I’m saying because something is natural doesn’t mean its safe. There are plenty of natural things that will kill you, like cyanide… and marijuana isn’t “harmless,” it causes serious brain damage, ask any neurologist.

  • dilliedawg:

    @b4ckman I get where your coming from but are you really comparing heroin with weed?

  • lotteein420:

    i left pot everywhere

  • b4ckman:

    I guess we should also legalize heroin and opium too then right? They are natural… i wonder how that would go?

  • DJLeroyT:

    “I have taken drugs before, I had a real good time” :D

  • davetheman213:

    their are 8 retards out their in the world, who thumbs down this vid. wow??

  • crash6917:

    i pressed the like button 8 times throughout the video then i realized it only registers once :(

  • LovableBeats:

    8 people can’t afford weed

  • FuckinFirstRecon:


  • Thiery2864:

    i love living in holland <3

  • HelloKittyRawrz:

    who would dislike this video?
    first of all, bill hicks is amazing
    second of all, he speaks the truth!

  • lduvelle:

    Funny how the beer industry makes anti weed ads.

  • Brambleiah:

    What’s the name of the show at 3:21? I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Is it on Youtube in it’s entirety?

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