Grandpa Ganja on Strong Pot

Grandpa Ganja discourses on the myth of strong pot and why you should smoke the strongest pot you can get for your health’s sake. Emphasis on satire and truth.

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  • EvanKeliher:

    Hey, is there a market for joints as long as cigars? Big shots could smoke ‘em in lieu of fat cigars, stoned judges might make better sense, everybody could limit themselves to one joint a day and save time rolling j’s and cleaning smelly pipes. Or not.

    Thanks for befriending a stoned old-timer who remembers when he was 18 and there wasn’t any pot to smoke. Horrors.

  • MARVINM14:


  • KannabisChris:

    This is epic, you sir are a legend!

  • MMAenthusiastUHHE:

    Living proof that weed doesn’t kill brain cells or make you dumb …this man is posting videos on youtube with his badass Mac and most senior citizens can’t even TIVO lol

  • BlessedGanja:

    amen my brother thanks for spreading the truth!!! we support you 200%! wise words from a man who has used his life to gain enlightenment not slavery!!
    bless you!

  • 659548:

    S Thanks for the kind words. That’s fuel enough to keep the verbs and
    adjectives flowing.

  • shishanisim:

    this guy i so awesome i love watching his vids

  • 659548:

    richinlaw We never saw that fancy stuff in Detroit. All I remember is
    sticks and seeds. Thanks to technology and a lot of dedicated
    growers we have pot that is first-class and everything but affordable
    at $500 an oz. Growing it is a lot cheaper, of course, and easy
    to do. We live in remarkable times.

    Thanks for writing.It’s always good to hear from fellow tokers.

    See and check out all seven episodes of my sitcom titled Grandpa Ganja’s Emporium and other stuff.


  • richlinlaw:

    Thanks for dispelling myths surrounding the significance of strength of pot but I disagree. The 1970s pot that you refer to we called “commercial.” But the imports of the 70′s were: Mexican Spears, Columbian, Panama Red, Rainbow Columbian, Thai Stick, Lebanese hash blonde & red, Honey Oil. And, around 1975 or 76, along came California Seedless Buds! That’s how good we had it in L.A. !!

  • robertminx:

    can’t get too stoned? well, i don’t know about that. one time i got so stoned i forgot where i lived. (at least that’s what i told my wife when i came back after a long weekend. so let’s not tell her you can’t get too stoned! ; )

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