Fireman Inhales Marijuana Smoke…Funny

Putting out a fire consisting of pot plants.

25 Responses to “Fireman Inhales Marijuana Smoke…Funny”

  • stevymh:

    fuck yeah man id do the same thing.

  • toastedgstring123:

    @dixon572 Didn’t know you could drink Bears.

  • roykocupasoep:

    haha he’s got a good job haha

  • annier1984:

    It’s not illegal, it’s weed, THERRRRRRRRRRRRRE GRRRRRRRRRREAT! lol

  • Luapthetube:

    Haha Thats insane! :D

  • roolingbackwards:

    Lmao hell yeah

  • sjergons:

    It would have been great to have been the fire fighter in this situation. Providing it was real. ha ha.

  • guitarrocka88:

    hahaha that’s awesome

  • theone2225:

    thanks for the sarcastic reply

  • idntexst:

    how insighful thanks

  • theone2225:

    no, the story was real but the firefighter was just an actor for the jimmy kimmel show doing a skit to make fun of the situation

  • JohnnyCashFan200:

    Watch out jimmy dont inhal…………. Sniff Sniff AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • maxiboyhyper:

    Thats what i call a hero! :D

  • oddiotechnician:

    this shit was funny… brings back memories

  • sanderstrebor:

    Is that fireman real???

  • hikingjohn:

    LOL to funny

  • TaupeFrostPrductions:

    THE GREAT NUG, web short (comedy), 5min., rated TV14, on YouTube

  • Idkfawin32:

    Thats fine. So you like getting high. Theres nothing wrong with that. I just want the people that are trying to legalize it to be honest and just say “Make it legal, I like getting high”

  • Click2HelpLegalizeIT:

    well then so i use weed the same way as you drink i have a wife three boys and dont drink due to my families addiction to alchohol and it has destoyed my family along with pain pills from there doctors over prescibing them pills so i choose to smoke at night after i put the boys down i have smoked while watchin the kids as well but i see no difference im actually more alert when stoned and helps me deal with a lot of the day to day stress and situations like bills rent school savings and so on

  • mwvr44:

    shut up bitch dont ever argue with me bout weed i know way more than u bout weed nd i have smoked way betta weed than u…………. u reggis weed smokin bitch nigga… nigga u lookin at da weed smokin rookie of year me

  • mrgoodinbed:

    i love how dumasses always get into arguements on youtube who cares whos a better smoker man, wat matters is that all potheads like us should stick together not argue over dumb shit like not knowin how to take a hit

    -peace man
    ps if this was real fucking funny

  • Fender927:

    How about you learn some grammar before you reply, you make us pot heads look dumb.

  • theboywithwings:

    how am i a disgrace to weed smokers my body just had a higher tolerance to thc than normal.and all i have ever smoked is good stuff.i just picked up some fruity pebbles the other day and i picked up some trainwreck before the pebs.i can garuntee u i know more about weed than u do anyway.and what u just said its completely wrong with a good strain of weed you will be baked in 1 hit because of the density of trichomes on the buds which holds the thc.low grade is the opposite

  • mwvr44:

    u must hit like a bitch if it takes u 10 times to get high nd u must be smokin daT weak ass reggis…………………BITCH!!!!!!!

    dont reply back till u stop smokin dat reggis and learn 2 to hit like a champ ur a disgrace to weed smokin u should retire nd learn more about weed it doesnt take a while 4 thc to kick in unless its somethin like kush or white widow u should be cooked after 1 hit cause of the high thc content

  • mwvr44:

    yea who ever u r talkin bout must b on dat weak ass regis nd a hit like a bitch

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