Family Feud: Name something that gets passed around…

On Family Feud Steve Harvey asks the question… Name something that gets passed around: The answer in response was simply “A Joint”… Which beat out the other answer which was “The collection plate at church”. Which clearly shows how mainstream Marijuana is. Every day marijuana becomes more a part of the American mainstream. Now they’re even giggling about weed on that iconic game show Family Feud. This is the real America, more than 8% were applauding in the audience. This is change we all can believe in. Devils & Angels indeed…

written by Oliver Cowley, animated by Drew Toonz, produced by Patrick Furlotti for the Global Mana Foundation.
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  • trig1907:

    what would you guys answer ?

  • 241brown:

    This has to be one of the funniest moments on tv!!!

  • awdammit2:

    Passed around MORE than the collection plate at church, that’s funny.

  • XxZinfullxX:

    HERPIES….simple as that…

  • CantWeedThis:

    i would have said “steve, im gunna have to go with.. your mom ” I mean seriously what else besides joints get passed around, gravy? Like its some big surprise lets laugh about it like school girls.

  • Iamtheman4u2:


  • D00MWEED:

    Type this – MUST SEE!!! Proof That Cannabis Can Cure Certain Forms of Cancer – into youtube and see for yourself.


    You get high with a joint. Hells down there buddy.

  • j0ofez:

    Thats the bad thing, he is a crazy born again christian, he probably thinks that weed is “an agent of satan” or some heap of shit,

  • TheFifthTake:

    Steve Harvey: Okay, I can’t do this. I have to quit soon.

  • GodofVengence:

    I would have said a cold…

  • uzigangster123:

    Co za asy ….

  • D00MWEED:

    @mastert420 No I hadn’t seen it, thanks for pointing it out :) Great animation and analogy :D We need more intelligent communication like this!

  • mastert420:

    @D00MWEED Hale fu**in llujia ! Finally someone with some sense. You’ve probably seen “the flower”. If not, check it out.

  • xxxKILLUMINATIxxx:


  • igottachangetheworld:

    marijuana is a PLANT, not a drug. I’m lmao at some people. that’s why they call it WEED!

  • pjicleanair420:

    steve harvey acting like he dont smoke

  • sweetkid55:

    I think Steve was just fucking around and didn’t expect anybody to say it.

  • DroppinKnowledge69:

    this is pretty funny. but steve harvey is the worst host i can remember. i like all the hosts and he’s just super corny and an attention whore it seems. guy sucks.

  • D00MWEED:

    @Church96 We’ve gotta stop thinking of our Governments as a service and more like a Business!

    Cannabis cures a lot more than just Cancer, it cures over 1000 different illness and diseases that we know of and can be grown in your own backyard, that’s why they call it “weed”. You legalize Cannabis and you will empty up the hospitals for REAL patients and eliminate Pharmaceutical Poisoning, like CHEMICAL therapy and RADIATION!

    BUT! That’s not good for business, THERE’S NO MONEY IN WELLNESS.

  • SerialKiff3r:

    @Church96 That is exactly what happens… You know how much money doctors get in funding just to look for a cure for cancer to produce no results? How much money hospitals make off of people who have cancer.. .
    And like like 80+% of the time chemo kills you, and they blame it on the cancer… Watch run from the cure, I linked it in the videos annotations under “or click here”…


    Omg that is awesome. 8% picked a joint… It’s great because it’s obvious no one saw that coming…. Nice upload

  • CanadaAotS:

    Worked out great with the ladies answer didn’t it? hahaha

  • theburgerboy18:

    words can’t describe how amazing this is

  • iloveryou227:

    hahahahahahaha thats awesome!!!!

  • JobForAColton:

    oh by the way thankyou for this video, it actually inspired me and now this weekend i’m going to do eco cleaning with some friends and i’m trying to find an eco friendly organization to work for :)

  • JobForAColton:

    @drewtoonz Ahah alright dog i’ll get on it, is it 20 each?

  • DancingSpiderman:

    @rastrick911 prolly some idiot pot smoker.

  • DancingSpiderman:

    @CriMxDelAxCriM Yes, that is the reason why.

  • DancingSpiderman:

    The Employment Agency suit is one hairy mofo. And his voice matches is look bwaahaha I knew an accountant who was just like him.

  • DancingSpiderman:

    Yeah, the government’s fucked up like that. A crop plant that has a kazillion good uses and once hailed by the Federal government as a vital national resource during several consecutive decades of our history… now is an illegal plant just because ultra-rich idiots at some influential neo-conservative think tank have declared industrial hemp to be a threat. They’ve even made up non-existent threats to rally a consensus against the industrial use of hemp. Stupid stupid STUPID.

  • VideosJacked:


  • kalivodaanda:

    True, true…
    By the way, the music is awesome!

  • flo221b:

    It’s blatantly obvious. Hemp is over-qualified.

  • killdoser666:

    Its funny because hemp can’t get you stoned yet because it is in the same family as weed and cannabis it is illegal, I have clothes made from hemp and they hold together better than my other clothes, the first diesel engine was built to run on hemp and it is very water resitaint. So why is this so bad?

  • drewtoonz:

    @JobForAColton i think dawn of the stone age is up somewhere, as well as surf skool 2 if you google it. i have dvds with surfskool 1,2,3 that i sell and mail out for 20 bucks… includes a hand drawn sketch of your favorite character… :)


  • JobForAColton:

    @drewtoonz How can i get the dawn of the stone age and the Surf Schools? itunes won’t let me download it anymore ahah:/

  • drewtoonz:

    @JobForAColton Im doing ok, nothing crazy but makin moves here and there. ALoha… D

  • JobForAColton:

    ahah i remember my freshman year i watched your Dawn of the Stone Age videos at Least every day. Did you ever release the third or fourth? i talked to you Hella days ago and you said you were trying to find ways to publicize it.

  • RasburryMuphinz:

    @drewtoonz props to you bro.

  • dangernezumi:

    Spread this video! Do it via whatever, even imageboards if necessary, but SPREAD THIS VIDEO!

  • whatyouchating:

    This is awesome good work.

  • drewtoonz:

    @aryanstallyan just me playing guitar in the garage

  • aryanstallyan:


  • CriMxDelAxCriM:

    hemp is illegal because if at this point it was to be legalized it would for a short time destory the economy. hemp would put so many companies out of business that cant allow it to happen. so much for free market

  • lilnicky1301:

    Amazing video, mybe it can save the world!

  • dizibonzai:


  • percheron1654:

    @drewtoonz I don’t blog and failbook isn’t remotely near my future plans in internet involvement. Drop me a message whenever you change your mind.

  • WakeUpAndLegalizeIt:

    @rastrick911 nobody yet. Hopefully itll stay that way.

  • rastrick911:

    Wonder which dickhead will vote down this video.

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