Seth Rogen Tells One of His Early Jokes (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Seth talks about getting awkward rides to his early stand-up gigs, and recalls getting drunk at Jimmy’s wife’s house while appearing in his first film, “Donn…
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Funny quotes

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funny senior t shirt quotes

funny senior t shirt quotes Hundreds of more Cool T-shirts at ladies union jack t shirts t-shirts living the dream lady gaga t sh…

A whole bunch of hilarious Sol quotes from all over season 1.

Pot Theft (A Radiolab Adventure)

A collaboration with Radiolab ( – thanks to Jad, Robert, Dylan, Molly, Lynn, Andy, Jaime, Soren, and all the rest. MinutePhysics is o…
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Palestinian Parody about ISIS

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Mitch Hedberg – A Comic Genius

One of the best stand up comics. The delivery is original and the jokes are brilliant. Though he died at a young age, his comic legacy lives on! Hats off to …

Lord of the Weed – Sinnlos in Mittelerde Part 1 (1080p HD)

Part 2: (copyright by Bloodpack Entertainment) Musik: Part1: 01 BPK – LOTW-Titel Melodei 02 Nig…
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If you watched this video and liked Addy, you can watch outtakes of her here: CNN may have just posted their best piece of investigativ…

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